Frequently Asked Questions

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Q) What if my detox arrives late or damaged?
A) Damaged or late deliveries can be replaced, we do not give refunds.

Q) Are the juices suitable for vegetarians?
A) Yes, our juices are 100% natural and contain fresh fruit and vegetables.

Q) Do the juices contain dairy?
A) No, our juices do not include any dairy products.

Q) Can the juices be frozen?
A) Yes, defrost the juices daily and please keep in mind this may take up to 2 hours.

Q) How long do the juices last?
A) Five days due to being 100% natural.

Q) How many times can I detox per month?
A) We recommend once or twice per month depending on your lifestyle and reasons for detoxing.

Q) How much weight can I lose from detoxing?
A) Please have a look at our testimonial page.

Q) When will my detox arrive?
A) Our delivery day is Tuesday between 8am and 7pm, sorry we can not offer time slots. 

We endeavour to deliver all detoxes on a Tuesday (except for bank holidays when it will be Wednesday)- due to production and deliveries - some deliveries can be rolled over to the following day. This does not effect the freshness or quality of the juices in any way. 

The juices are packed in an environmentally friendly coolbox with specialist chill packs . This helps keep the juices at the right temperature whilst they are being shipped.

We use a reputable third party courier service. Please bear in mind when organising your schedule that we cannot guarantee your juices will be delivered by the specified time. Our courier will always aim to achieve their service time however there may be unavoidable delays due to road traffic accidents or weather conditions. If you need to check on your delivery please email us on 

If we are unable to deliver to you, or have to deliver late, for reasons beyond our control, for example adverse weather conditions, strike actions, vehicle breakdown, traffic congestion or supplier failure, we cannot accept liability for any inconvenience or loss this causes.

Q) Can I chew gum?
A) No due to not being a natural product.

Q) Can I exercise whilst detoxing?
A) No due to your energy levels being low from the detox.

Q) Can I drink green tea?
A) No as it contains caffeine we recommend a untlimited fruit flavoured teas.