is a totally natural and fantastic prepared juice detox service using fresh, local produce and is delivered to your door.

The Juice To U detox programme consists of 4 juices per day with a 3 hour period in-between juices.

The Juice To U 3 day detox or 5 day detox will leave you feeling fully revitalised, refreshed, rejuvenated and invigorated. Your mind and skin will be left clear and not forgetting the weight loss!

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Berry good juice

Bursting with antioxidants that play a massive part in keeping your cardiovascular system in tip top shape, drink and enjoy 

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Lets glow juice

Drink me to cleanse the digestive system and radiate your skin 

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Clean green juice

You will receive more nutrients than most people get in a week by drinking me

The Juicetou team have masterminded the juices which ooze with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and that goodness your body requires for a healthy body and mind.

Our delivery day is Tuesday between 8am and 6pm, please refrigerate your juices immediately ready to begin your detox on Wednesday. Please note, we recommend at least 2 litres of water per day. You can drink fruit tea however, green tea is not allowed as it contains caffeine. We strongly advise no exercise during your detox due to energy levels been low. The feeling of tiredness, nausea, sickness and headaches are to be expected when you are detoxing, this is due to your body releasing the toxins within your system. If you have any allergies or medical problems or have a query please contact the Juice To U team at info@juicetou.com or seek advice from your GP before taking part in the detox programme.

Please note the recommended age for detoxing is +18 years.

Please note the recommended age for detoxing is +18 years.

Why detox?

Enjoy the detox, you will feel like a new person afterwards!

Results include: weight loss, improve energy levels and feel less sluggish, gain greater vitality, mental clarity and concentration, can improve complexion, healthy hair and nails, stronger immune system, boost your metabolism and change of mentality towards nutrition.

Detoxing regularly can be an important element of your long term strategy for maintaining good health, especially when living a life style with everyday toxins. Many people cleanse regularly throughout the year as part of their tool kit for looking and feeling their best.

A little more information:

Enjoy the detox, you will feel like a new person afterwards!

  • No food whilst detoxing
  • All our juices are wheat, gluten and nut free
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Organic juices on request (Prices may vary)

When your detox arrives you will receive your information sheet and 2 complimentary lemons which can be sliced into a glass of water and drank with your detox- it will help to speed up your metabolism and maximise your results!